lunes, 30 de septiembre de 2013

How use your smart phone like as a wardriving station

Why people do wardriving with a notebook? 
It can be done with a smartphone with android just following 10 simple steps

1- download wiglewifi from google play

 2- After installation is complete activate GPS
 2- When you run it, this app will start capture all ssid of the wifi around us
4- In the option MAPA you will see every wifi network on his potition in the map (i don't show my capture of my networks because i don't want show where i live)

5- In the option  RESUMEN we can see values of the captures

6- We can exports all our captures (KML format is my favorite)

 8- run it
 9- Choose your kml file extracted from your celphone
 10- Look what you capture in the map


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